• Gilmore Girls on repeat. All day, everyday. If I could live anywhere, it'd be Stars Hollow.

  • I have been journaling since the age of 12 & have never gotten rid of a single journal.

  • You can find me at a coffee shop but probs not drinking coffee.

  • Jesus is everything.

  • I am a newlywed & my husband rocks.

  • Decorating, I am obsessed.

  • Family & friends give me life. But mostly just my niece.

  • If I could meet any “celebrity couple” in the world it would be Abner & Amanda AKA Johnnyswim.

  • My office & newborn studio are my happy place. It's where all the planning & dreaming goes down.


I started maddieclairephotography in the fall of 2013 & it has been growing ever since. My vision for maddieclairephotography is to capture & create. My priority is to capture organic & authentic moments & to create a unique & special experience for each client. My desire is to tell a story through my work, more importantly, your story. I believe that the raw & natural details bring beauty to the surface.

I specialize in wedding, portrait & lifestyle photography. It’s a dream come true to be able to be a part of so many amazing moments. I am beyond passionate about what I do, especially when it comes to working with my clients & making sure their vision comes to life. I am also a huge fan of Jesus. My desire is that Jesus is made known through my work & that Christ is at the center of my business. Always.

If you know me, I will talk to anyone & everyone. So, don't be a stranger. I want to get to know you & make some memories. Thank you for stopping by & I can’t wait to capture magic moments with all you gorgeous people!